One thing about me is that I really like cars, trucks, ATVs, anything with a motor really.  They’ve always intrigued me since I was a little kid.  Dad put me on a little 50cc Suzuki when I was about 5 years old and there was no looking back after that.


That being said, I like to keep up on the new vehicles being released even though I’ve been driving the same car for the last 7 years.  I like thinking about what I would buy if I ever did sell my car, and more recently I am considering to sell it.  I’m car shopping like crazy and love it, but at the same time, I am stressed out.  I want the horsepower and handling of a Camaro, but I also want the four wheel drive and size of Wrangler…. On top of all of that I would like to have decent gas mileage while staying in my price range too!  I’m finding it near impossible to have it all so I have to decide.  That Jeep Wrangler or Camaro SS is pretty sweet but I know my insurance will go up and will get worse gas mileage.

The more and more I think about it I come to the conclusion that I won’t get either one… Which kills me!  Maybe I’m becoming more responsible, but that sedan that gets 35-40mpg is looking pretty good too.

Buy experiences not possessions.

I’ve always heard this before and have always agreed with it, but this whole car buying experience has shined a new light on things for me.  I can go drop over $30k for a new Jeep and be in debt for the years to come, or I can get a more practical car for a fraction of the price and use that money to travel, spend time with friends and family, build up some savings and have some money set aside if anything unexpected were to come up.  Yeah, that sedan sounds boring, but I’ll have some peace of mind and most likely enjoy life a little more because of it.

Life is short.  Too short.  Everyone should enjoy every second of it, and not with things.  That Jeep isn’t going to make my life any better, but spending time with friends and family is.  I’d much rather see that $30k go to them, not some hunk of metal.