I have an ongoing conversation with a good friend of mine via email.  We live far apart but talk once a week about various things.  While it’s a great way to stay in touch I’ve also learned a lot about myself through it all.  Below is a little excerpt from one of my emails a couple months ago…

I feel that us being able to have memories, good or bad, is a gift.  It helps us determine how loyal our friends and family are, allows us to connect on a deeper level, and helps us grow from our mistakes and traumatic experiences.  (Hmmm…. I might use that in a future blog!)  By understanding and accepting your past, you will become stronger and have a better sense of self-worth… (Dang, you are like my second counselor.  You got my mind going now!!!  Self-worth and memories tying together….)

I didn’t even know I thought this until I began typing each character on the keyboard back to my friend.  It’s incredible what writing (or typing) can do.

Back to the message though….


Self-worth and Memories.

Without our memories how do we know who we are?  How can we determine if we are a good person or not?  It’s vital to our self-worth and self-confidence which ultimately allows us to become more open and vulnerable with others.

For any of you that know me, has been following my blog, or has read my book, I have a somewhat unique past.  I’m not like a lot of people, and it was hard to accept it for a while.  I tried to block out those memories but I came to realize that those memories define who I am.  Without accepting them I was a fraud.

Do you have any memories you try to block out?  Maybe by accepting them it will help you become the most confident, worthy self ever.  It did for me at least.