Final Front

Seventeen year-old Jesse Walters made a decision that was going to change his life forever. It began as some of the happiest days of his life with love, romance, peace, faith and a true sense of fulfillment in life. But as time passed it led to guilt, anxiety, stress, distancing himself from family and friends, and losing all sense of satisfaction in his daily life. During this time he joined a local church, found his way to God, and developed a close relationship with a group of Christians to such an extent that he could call them “family.”

Dedicating one’s life to Jesus Christ and experiencing an extreme state of depression? Those two statements shouldn’t go together.

Jesse joined a cult without realizing it. The dramatic and heartbreaking events that took place led him to push his family and friends out of his life. His family had to go to the extreme of locking him in a building for five days with a cult expert for an intervention that proved he had been living a lie.

This book is the start of his mission to 1. Shine light on the massive, unrecognized issue of Christianity and other troubling organizations. 2. Prove that anyone can have a healthy relationship with God without having to make extreme sacrifices, and 3. Help people get themselves or loved ones out of cults.