I read an article last week that really caught my attention.  It’s titled 12 Signs You’re Doing Much Better Than You Think You Are by Anna Bashedly.  Of all these 12 things I can either relate to them personally or have seen others be affected by it.  They all helped me see a different a perspective, shedding light on something that really didn’t have much light before.

The very first one struck home with me… You’re unsure about everything.

I’m a worrier.  If I’m not sure what an outcome will be I tend to stress out about it.  Anna later adds “Constant wondering and questioning is a sign of intelligence.  Have you noticed how it’s always the idiots that are so sure about every damn thing they are doing in their lives?”  It’s so true!  And she has more positive perspectives on heartbreak, feeling lost or miserable, rejection, the list keeps going.  I highly recommend reading it.

I feel like this article is worth mentioning because 1. It makes me feel good. And 2. It comes back to what I’ve talked about in previous posts.

Happiness is a choice. 


I went through some rough times during my cult experience and the recovery after.  I suffered with depression and some days felt like things would never get better, but I realized if I focused on the positive parts of each situation and put my faith in God I could get through it. I was happier almost instantly.

No matter what happens in your life and how bad things get, it’s all about perspective and your choice to want to feel better and move on.  When one door closes another opens.  It’s easy to say that but you have to believe it too!

Things ALWAYS get better.  I promise.