I lost a high school classmate of mine is a car accident last weekend.  Granted, we didn’t stay in touch and I hadn’t talked to her in years but my prayers still go out to her friends and family for their loss.  25 years old and boom… gone.  It’s scary to think about. 

What I hate even more is that this isn’t the first time this has happened to the people in my life.   My father last his cousin when they were teenagers.  My girlfriend lost a childhood friend in high school.

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I’m a big believer in that everything happens for a reason.  Even though we may not understand why God took the lives of these people so suddenly, there’s a reason behind it.  I truly believe that.  One of the worst experiences of my life was getting involved with a Christian cult.  I went through depression, family separation, anxiety, you name it, all while trying to stay close to God.  For a long time I questioned why God would do that to me, but I now look back and am truly grateful for that experience.  It made me who I am today and I love who I am.  The best part about it is that through the long winding chain of events, it actually did bring me closer to Him and truly enjoy the life I live now.

I think back on my old friend and the last thing I said to her years ago.  I honestly can’t remember.  I’m sure it wasn’t significant, but what if that was one of my best friends or family member that I see on a regular basis?  What is the last thing I said to them?  Would I be content with those words if I were to never see them again?

Make the best of every relationship you have.  Love them.  Respect them.  Cherish them.  You never know when they will end.  Live every day as if it were your last.