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The Church Next Door: My Cult Experience and How I Got Out While Staying Close to God

I Don’t Wanna Talk About It


Since I announced the release of The Church Next Door and started my mission, I’ve had a lot of people contact me.  Some people share their experiences, some looking for help and others showing their support.  I love it.  It gives me the assurance that I’m doing the right thing and the drive to keep moving forward.

I noticed something though.

I’ve known a lot of these people for years.  Some I’m very good friends with.  Yet, I’ve never had a real religious talk with them.  Now all of a sudden I am?  Once I opened the door to this “unspoken” topic it was easy.  We were all of a sudden comfortable talking about it when we wouldn’t have before.

Why do we push the subject of religion to the side even with our closest friends and family?  Shouldn’t we be having these conversations?

I know, I know.  Religion is a touchy thing to bring up, especially in today’s society.  But now that I’ve gone public, I believe society is much more spiritual than it looks.  We hide it because we think we may offend others.  But with friends and family?  I think we can all say we’ve had conversations that has upset one another and still remained close.  Yet, we’re still scared to talk about religion like it will end every relationship instantly.

I thought I knew my friends well before, but now I’m learning things about them I never knew.  We’ve grown closer.  It’s amazing.  Talking with them has helped me grow and I know it will lead to a deeper relationship with each and every one of them from now on.  We (or at least I do) feel like we have another person to go to with our future struggles.  We have someone that really cares about our wellbeing.  Neither one of us may have the answers but having someone there to support you in that way is a BIG THING.

I’m really glad I went public with this “touchy” subject.  It turns out it’s not so touchy after all.

Please share this with everyone you know.  The more people that know my story, the more people I can help.

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