When a person hits rock bottom only truth can come from it.  How we feel, think, and respond during that time says a lot about who we really are. 

When my family and I were going through the worst of my cult experience I was definitely at an all-time low.  I felt like I had nothing.  God didn’t love me, everyone in my life was going to Hell, and I didn’t have anyone I could share my “faith” with.  It was horrible to say the least.

Looking back on it now, I realize that I prayed more during that time than I have in my entire life.  Granted, my depression was rooted into the church and intertwined with God and Christianity, but I fell back on Him for answers.  I went to God when I had nothing else.  And He helped me.

Think back on one of the worst memories you have.  Did you pray or worship some kind of entity during that time?  For some people it’s God, for others it could be alcohol, or something completely different.

It doesn’t even have to be rock bottom.  Do you find yourself talking when no one else was around?  Do you try to be your own counselor and make decisions?  Why do we do that?

I believe this a physical sign that humans are hardwired to worship.  God created us in his image, right?  Wouldn’t it make sense if He put that sensation in us and that we need something larger to help control our lives?  That we need Him?

He’s calling us.  We just have to listen and trust it.