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DON’T READ THIS! I’m Not a Good Writer

Why are you reading this?!  I said I’m not a good writer, blogger, typer, whatever you want to call it.  You don’t listen!  Well… I guess if you’re going to read this I may as well have a point to my story….

I’m an “author,” I wrote essay after essay in college, I blog, but when I read other books and blogs spanning across the internet I see what a GOOD writer is.  I look back at my work and see poor sentence structure, places where I could be more descriptive, and wonder what I was thinking when I wrote that piece.  There are even typos in my book!!! (I’m working on it.)

I not right gud… You should’ve seen the first draft of my book.  Needless to say, I pretty much had to start over.

Should I just stop writing though?  I’ve definitely thought about it. BUT… I enjoy writing.  I enjoy reflecting on what I’m thinking and putting it to paper.

My point is:

I don’t care what others think.  Even though I don’t see myself as being good at something, it doesn’t stop me from doing it.

As I keep writing I get better though.  Maybe one day I can put myself on the same pedestal as famous authors out there, or maybe not.  Either way, when I take into consideration of what I’ve done already, I see it as a success.  My book and my mission to help others wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have this mindset.

What do you love to do but you don’t because you may not be as good as others? 

Go do it!  By being confident in yourself and vulnerable, you will achieve amazing things.  Be yourself, be weird.


  1. Awesome Jesse! Well said!!

  2. Well said, Jesse!

  3. Right there with ya Jesse.

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