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The Church Next Door: My Cult Experience and How I Got Out While Staying Close to God

Book References

The books listed below are what I used (and still use to this day) to prove the cult I was in was wrong and was able to move on.

The first three are great study tools.  The Interlinear Bible and Strong’s Concordance must be used together.  The Bible Dictionary is just that.  It gives a great description on each word used in the Bible and what it meant during that time.  I encourage everyone to use them to help settle any controversy between the cult and people involved.  It allows you to see it in black and white without being influenced by other churches or people.  That is how I got in the my cult in the first place.  I believed someone else’s beliefs instead of researching it for myself.  When I was at my darkest point, I would have believed anything they told me.  These books make it unbiased.

Interlinear Bible Strong's ConcordanceBible Dictionary


“Churches that Abuse” goes into detail about the negative impact numerous Christian groups have had on individuals.  Each story shows the manipulation, discipline and control these groups had on their lives and how extreme they can be.  It’s amazing what these people did in order to “serve God.”  My experience relates in some way or form to the each of the stories expressed in this book.  You can get the PDF for FREE by clicking the image.

Churches That Abuse

“Recovering from Churches that Abuse,” is a great resource that describes the similar patterns these abusive churches share, how they push it upon the members, and gives in detail the process to recovery that many ex- members had to go through.  Each person has their own way to cope with past experiences, however, the most important thing I see that helped all of these people recover from their dark pasts was the building of relationships with other ex-members.  Surrounding themselves with people that know what they went through helps tremendously.  Most cannot have a full recovery on their own, which is one reason why I wrote my book, to show the world that this happens to other people and that they’re not alone.  This book is also FREE!

Recovering From Churches That Abuse



  1. May God bless your ministry!! I know some people coming from these types of “churches”.

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