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The Church Next Door: My Cult Experience and How I Got Out While Staying Close to God

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“My Mission and passion in life is to share my life experiences to help others who struggle with self-confidence, anxiety and depression and live a fulfilling and joyous life.” 


Jesse V. Walters is a Christian, freelance writer and entrepreneur.  He grew up and still lives in Boonville, Missouri going where ever life takes him.  He works on the family cattle farm, Rocking W Ranch, Inc., is employed by Columbia College as a Graduate Recruiter and pursues random entrepreneurial ventures under JVW LLC.

In his new book, The Church Next Door: My Cult Experience and How I Got Out While Staying Close to God, Jesse tells his heartbreaking, suspenseful, and life changing story going through deep stages of depression, stress, anxiety, isolating himself from family, and losing all satisfaction in life all while attending a “church.”  After the extreme measures taken to get him out, this has made him recognize the importance of maintaining a close relationship with family, friends and God, and each day striving to become a better person in society and as a Christian.

When not perusing his career he enjoys playing guitar and singing in a band with his father and brothers at local venues on the weekends, traveling, getting behind the wheel of anything with a motor, and puts peanut butter on everything.

Jesse obtained his A.A. from Moberly Area Community College in 2010, his B.S. in Business Administration from Columbia College in 2012, and his MBA from William Woods University in 2014.




  1. Wow. Not sure what caught my attention more, the strange sense that I have met you before, or how incredibly realistic and all too close to home your story is. I have a friend that went through something very similar, you are brave to explain your story. I look forward to more blog posts!

    • Thank you Jessica for your support! I’m always interested in hearing other people’s experiences. Feel free to reach out through my contact page at any time!

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